A few of my characters

I should probably start by introducing a few of the many dolls that I sew for (a couple that I have sewn) So you can start to get to know them all.

All of them live in the same world on a magical island that all the residents of the island have created into a peaceful haven.

First is Suze or Susana Peace Gao  高平安 (Gao Ping An)

She is the middle child of a family of six girls. Her family is Chinese/American. Her mother is Chinese but grew up in America and her father is Chinese. Suze speaks Chinese and English, loves everyone, and seems to be eternally cheerful. She loves bright colors and wears all of the colors at the same time if she can and wears as many hair clips in her hair at the same time as she can get away with. Everyone sees her as eccentric but her best friend Ashley. She is only tolerably good at anything and her favorite pastimes are cosplaying, reading manga, and watching anime.


Next is Ashley Taylor Hopkins

Ashley is a loner and hates the status quo. She really doesn’t like people except for two of them, Her twin brother Jack and her best friend Suze. She enjoys rock music especially heavy metal and is learning to play the drums. She always seems depressed and prefers black to any other color but somewhere underneath her hard exterior is a sweet caring soul, but she would die before she let anyone see it.

Adalyn Grace Hopkins

Adalyn loves music. She was adopted by the Hopkins family along with Ashley and her brother, Jack. Her only dream is to become a famous rock star, so she spends all her time playing, writing, and singing music. At the moment she is trying to get the other kids together to form a band or at least make a music video.


She lives in a cabin in the woods, a keeper of the forest,  a witch. Though, she is a good witch. She tends to keep to herself and only interacts with a few other people from the town. This leads to many not really trusting her. Her cabin is filled with knick-knacks, nature, cats, homemade blankets, a brick fireplace, her table and handmade chairs. Her spells are mostly “green” – healing and nature magic. She interacts and cooperates with the elves and the fairies. All animals trust her and go to her with their problems.


Bridgette Gehotti

She and her sisters live in a little house on the edge of town and work hard trying to homestead. More often than not, they don’t really succeed, but everyone in town loves them and is more than willing to help them out. Bridgette is the oldest and the peacemaker to them all. All she wants is a simple life with her sisters and so she does not care about the latest fashions or being popular. Her life revolves around her sisters and their farm.

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