The Island

Out in the ocean there is an island. This island is totally uncharted because it exists in another time/space dimension. No one is quite sure of the science of it, but a few know the magic of it. Because of this island being in a different dimension, many of the people of this island come from different time periods and a few come from different worlds. This island is unowned by any government and not really ruled by anyone in the strictest sense. Instead, it is cared for by all the people who live there and they have chosen to make it into a peaceful haven. The island is smallish with with a river and a small mountain and a forest. It is very fertile and has plenty of room for the people who live there, and it has many quiet slightly hidden places – like the caves- which provide peace for those who wish to be alone for a bit.

Coming and going to and from the island is unpredictable – you never know what the time is in the outside world. This is why Captain Abbott and his crew are the bravest bunch there are and why people are brought back from many different places and times. Though, more often than not they end up near North America, which is why most of the people are from there.

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