Squargles and the Ice Cream

It was a bright summer day, and many of the children from town had come up to the farm for Peder’s birthday. He was very excited; this would be his first party that he was hosting all by himself (mostly). Of course, his mother and older sister had done most of the cooking and baking for the picnic lunch. He had tried to help here and there, but he was too excited to do much. However, he had made the ice cream. All his excess energy had been a great help to turn the crank, and sweet creamy ice cream was the result. All the children frolicked into the forest carrying the baskets filled with delicious food. Finding a beautiful clearing, they all sat down and began to devour the feast. They all filled themselves to the brim, before touching the cake or lovely ice cream. It was decided by consensus that they should all play a few games to make room for the rare treat. So, off they all ran into the forest to play, leaving the ice cream unguarded…This was a mistake. You see, monsters lived around this forest, and any of them would not hesitate to devour unguarded food. And as it was, one monster in particular had been observing this party. His name was Squargles. He loved sweet foods, especially ice cream. And there, sitting in front of him, totally unguarded, was a whole barrel of the creamy confection. It was only because of his greediness that he was even caught, because after he finished the ice cream, Squargles decided to eat every last crumb of the beautiful birthday picnic. Thus, he was still there when the children returned, and being so stuffed, Squargles was unable to run away. An instant later, Faithira, the witch, put a restraining spell on him, while all the other children scavenged the destruction for any remains. It was a very despondent group that discovered the lack of ice cream and cake. Peder was very angry and he explained to Squargles why. Squargles was somewhat remorseful – all he wanted was some ice cream; he didn’t mean to ruin the party. Well, why didn’t you just ask for some ice cream?” Peder queried. “We would have shared some with you. But it isn’t right to just take something that isn’t yours.”I didn’t know I could ask. Can I ask now?” the monster replied.

“No, now you need to pay us back for ruining my party,” Peder responded. It was discovered that Squargles had nothing and the only way he could pay Peder back was to work. So they worked out a deal were Squargles could work on the Larsons’ farm to pay off what he took, and they all liked the arrangement so much that Squargles continued to work for the Larsons in exchange for three square meals a day and a dry place to sleep (the barn), and ice cream on special occasions, though not the whole barrel. 🙂

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