The Larsons

The Larson family was the first human family to settle on The Island. So far in doll form I only have the children, someday I’ll collect the parents too. 🙂

Lars, Kirsten, and Peder Larson

Based off of the American Girl Doll character Kirsten Larson.

They first discovered The Island by accident when going back to Sweden to visit relatives. Shipwrecked on the voyage, they found a beautiful little island and decided to live there, then they sent a letter to their family explaining what had happened to them. However, due to the magical nature of The Island the letter never reached their family and instead was sent to Gardner Parkington.

They live on a farm on the other side of the river where they provide most of the food for the town.

Lars Larson – The oldest in the Larson family, Lars is a hard worker. He enjoys farm life and enjoys looking after his younger sister and brother. He enjoys reading, especially stories of far off places or books about machinery. He is very handy at fixing things and inventing. As far as Kirsten and Peder are concerned – he is a genius. He isn’t really, though he is rather smart and quick on his feet. He doesn’t care at all for the town drama and prefers wandering the island, exploring new places and mapping them.

(Lars is a Karito Kids, Zoe, doll rewigged)

Kirsten Larson – Kirsten is generally quiet and shy, she only has a few friends, but she is fiercely loyal to them. She enjoys the farm work and loves all the animals and enjoys looking after them. She looks up to her brother, Lars, and enjoys playing games with Peder. However, at the moment what she really wants more than anything is a little sister. Maybe someday she will get one.

(Kirsten is American Girl’s Kirsten Larson doll)

Peder Larson – The most outgoing of all his siblings, Peder has many friends in town and can often be found playing with them. He doesn’t mind farm life, but finds it lonely and would much rather work in town where he can talk to everyone. Because of this, his parents ended up putting him in charge of selling the food in town. He loves that job and is much happier with his work now.

(Peder is a rewigged American Girl’s Wellie Wishers doll, Camille)

Britta Larson – The youngest and still a baby, though she has turned out to be a quiet and sweet baby. All the kids in town love to come over to the Larsons’ to play on their farm, with the animals and Baby Britta.

Also on the farm –

Squargles – The monster who ruined Peder’s party. He worked out a deal with them to pay Peder back by working for the Larsons. Everyone liked the arrangement so much that Squargles continues to work for the Larsons on exchange for good home cooking and a roof over his head.

Brianne – She grew up on a farm in Manitoba, Canada. She loves dancing and raising animals (and farming in general). She is part of a student exchange program and lives with the Larsons even though she is modern. She loves helping out on the farm and attending dance classes in town. Brianne and Kirsten get along really well and have decided to adopt each other as sisters since neither have any other.

(Brianne is a Maplelea Brianne doll)




The Fairies

One of the groups of magical people on the Island are the fairies. They posses small magic, smaller than the Elves and Witches, and it somewhat befits their small stature. Generally they keep to themselves and mainly interact with the other beings only in emergencies or to tease and cause mischief. Since one can only see the fairies if one believes that the fairies exist, they tend to cause the most mischief for people who refuse to believe they exist. 

The first person on the Island to discover their existence was Poppy, who staunchly believes in anything magical or mystical even though others tease her for believing such things.

The little doll I found to be my fairy is a Kruseling.These little dolls are 9″ tall and extremely pose-able for such  a small doll. Toy Box Philosopher reviewed  them here, and I totally agree with her conclusions about these dolls. I have had such fun playing around with my Luna, posing her and taking pictures of her. I would have loved a little doll like her when I was young.   

I plan to eventually collect more of them to represent the fairies who live in my world, and soon I will tell the story of Poppy discovering Luna. 🙂

Squargles Sewing Pattern

I have finally finished the sewing pattern for Squargles, so now you can make your own. 😀 You can find the pattern here on Etsy or here on Craftsy.

This is a digital PDF sewing pattern and it will be emailed to you immediately after you purchase it. The sewing pattern includes step by step pictures to make following the instructions simple.

Also, Squargles is made of all simple rectangle shapes, and is a good first plushie project. If you know how to sew a straight line with your sewing machine, baste, and do some simple hand sewing, you can make Squargles!

The finished dimensions are 11” by 8” by 2” not including legs (15” by 16” by 2” with legs)

The supplies needed to complete this project are:
• 1/2 yard lightweight woven fabric
(I used 100% cotton flannel; but other woven fabrics like quilting cotton, corduroy, or lightweight denim, will work well)
• Black felt 6” x 9”
• White felt 4” x 7”
• Matching Thread
• Stuffing
• Basic sewing tools     I hope if you decide to make Squargles that you enjoy him as much as I do! If you have any questions or problems while making him, please feel free to contact me and I will help you out as best as I can. 🙂