The Fairies

One of the groups of magical people on the Island are the fairies. They posses small magic, smaller than the Elves and Witches, and it somewhat befits their small stature. Generally they keep to themselves and mainly interact with the other beings only in emergencies or to tease and cause mischief. Since one can only see the fairies if one believes that the fairies exist, they tend to cause the most mischief for people who refuse to believe they exist. 

The first person on the Island to discover their existence was Poppy, who staunchly believes in anything magical or mystical even though others tease her for believing such things.

The little doll I found to be my fairy is a Kruseling.These little dolls are 9″ tall and extremely pose-able for such  a small doll. Toy Box Philosopher reviewed  them here, and I totally agree with her conclusions about these dolls. I have had such fun playing around with my Luna, posing her and taking pictures of her. I would have loved a little doll like her when I was young.   

I plan to eventually collect more of them to represent the fairies who live in my world, and soon I will tell the story of Poppy discovering Luna. 🙂

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