WIP – Early 1900’s undergarments

Samantha was my first American Girl doll that I received back as a young girl. Sewing clothing for her was how I learned to sew and perfected my sewing skills. Originally, I mostly sewed modern clothes for her because I didn’t really have access to sewing patterns for 1904. But, as I got older I really wanted her to stay in her proper time and so I started sewing proper dresses for her. Of course the only pattern I really had was the original Pleasant Company pattern (you can find it here)  Which meant I did a lot of frakenpatterning and later pattern drafting to make clothing for her. Most of that time she did not have the correct undergarments, but with the help of the book Sewing for 20th Century Dolls by Johana Gast-Anderton and members on the AGPT forum, I was finally able to figure out what kind of undergarments would have been appropriate for Samantha. 

Soon I began drafting a pattern and sewed her up some proper lingerie. Recently I acquired dolls to be her adopted sisters, Nellie, Bridget, and Jenny and so they need the proper underwear too. While I draft patterns for them I will be putting together instructions and make a PDF pattern so that others can make early 1900 undergarments for their dolls.


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