Poppy and Luna

One bright summer day, after a long day of exploring the vast forest, Poppy lay down to rest near a little creek.

As she lay there, she began to make up stories in her head about dragons and fairies and other make-believe creatures.

All of a sudden a fairy appeared right before her eyes.

“Am I dreaming? Or are you real?” Poppy questioned.

“I am very real and my name is Luna,” Answered the Fairy as she landed on Poppy’s stomach.

“My name is Poppy,” Poppy replied.

“I was wondering if you were real, because you can see me. Most humans cannot,” explained Luna.

“Really?” asked Poppy, sitting up. “I’ve always believed fairies were real, but everyone’s always told me that the idea was silly.”

“That’s why most people can’t see us. One has to believe we exist to see us. On the other hand, the elves can control who sees them, but they also have much stronger magic than we do.”

“Wow!” exclaimed Poppy, “so elves exist too?”

“Yep,” Said Luna, “Come with me and you can meet the other fairies and maybe the elves too. And then we can tell you all about the magic of The Island.”

“Ok,” Poppy decided.

And together they went off to see the most sacred parts of the forest.


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