The Parkingtons

Mr. Parkington accidentally received a letter from Mr. Larson about the Island and decided to move his family there. The Parkingtons were quickly able to establish themselves on the Island and are the richest family there. Mr. Parkington frequently acts as the town mayor and Cornelia runs the town Library. At the moment I am missing Mr. Parkington in doll form, although, I hope to have him soon.

Based off of the American Girl Character Samantha Parkington

Mrs. Cornelia Parkington – In her time she would have been considered quite the forward thinker, championing woman’s and children’s rights. Back in New York she was a leader for a woman’s right to vote, but here on the Island everyone has an equal say in matters of importance, so she has instead devoted herself to helping the children. Thus, she runs the town library, freeing children by giving them the power to learn whatever they want and helping them develop whatever skills they might need. While she can be quite serious minded, she also has quite a playful side and wouldn’t hesitate to sit on the floor and play crazy imaginative games with her children, read aloud adventure stories, and build forts, all while still being a lady in every sense of the word.

Samantha Parkington – Samantha is technically Gardener and Cornelia’s niece, however, her parents died when she was young and for a time was raised by her grandmother. When her grandmother remarried, she was sent to live with Gard and Cornelia, and when they adopted Nellie, Bridget, and Jenny, they adopted Samantha as well. Samantha thoroughly enjoys all her sisters and her new baby brother (Cornelia and Gardner’s first child) and love to play with them all and is quite the leader of them. In fact she is quite the leader wherever she goes, leading and planning projects rather than doing much of the work. (she just isn’t talented at anything else) Her best friends are her sister, Nellie, and Addy Walker. They both love to hear her big ideas and help carry them out, while also being the voices of reason since they are so practical. She is generally friendly, though, because of her leader personality she has made a few enemies (only short term). And her composure and bearing is that of a high born child, she lacks humility and disregards failure. To her there is no failing, just trying something a different way.


Nellie Parkington – Her parents were immigrants from Ireland and they had a hard time in America. For a time Nellie and her sisters were able to live in the country where they first met Samantha, but then hard times came again and they went back to the city to work in a factory. Sadly, her parents died in the city and the sisters were sent to an orphanage. Eventually Samantha found them and convinced her aunt and uncle to adopt them. Ever since then, Nellie, Bridget, and Jenny have had an easy life living in high-class society. However, because of her past, Nellie is much more practical than Samantha and tends to have a knack for just about any practical activity, like sewing, baking, building, cleaning, cooking, etc. Nellie also loves helping other people out and recently started welcoming people to the town when they arrive at the docks, and helping them get on their feet in a new and sometimes strange place.

Bridget Parkington – Bridget has a very sweet, angelic soul. She is friends with everyone and can always say kind things about anyone. She loves very girly things and really is not interested in running or climbing trees, preferring to hold her baby brother, William, or take him on walks around town. Of course she doesn’t like to be separated from her sisters and is often found playing or reading or sewing with them. In fact, all four of them can be quite inseparable.

Jenny Parkington – Jenny is much more lively than her two sisters, much more like Samantha in that way. In fact she looks up to Samantha and practically worships her. She loves climbing trees and playing with boys as much as she enjoys playing with dolls or listening to a good book. However, her favorite activity is visiting all the animals on the Larson farm, helping out with them and playing with Peder.

William Parkington – He is the first natural child of Cornelia and Gardener Parkington. Since he is still a baby, nobody quite knows his personality. He is a very loved and well looked after baby, what with four older sisters who all absolutely adore him.


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