Felicity Gets Dressed

Good Morning! My name is Felicity and I live in 1774 and I am going to get dressed this morning!

First, I open my drawer and get out my socks.

These stockings are very simple – perfect for running around, because they are easy to repair.

Then, I have to tie garters around my stockings to hold them up. Puddley stockings are not proper.

A perfect bow, first try!

Next, is my stay. This is my least favorite article of clothing – it’s so restricting – but I must wear it, according to my mother.

I need my mother’s help to tie it. At least it isn’t to tight; just right so that I keep my posture, but while wearing it, it’s still hard to ride horses.

Next I need my petticoat.

I like this one because it is bright blue, such a pretty color.

All tied up and pretty.

All my dresses are on the top shelf and according to my mother I should get help to get them down, but I can safely climb on the drawer and get them down.

See, no problem!

Today I’ve decided to wear just a jacket instead of a dress – that way, it’s less layers.

Also, I can lace it myself, since it laces up the front.

All done!

Well, not quite. I still need my shoes.

And, I need to tie my hair back. No point in brushing it when it’s just going to get windblown while riding horses, I think. Mother would probably tell me to brush it anyways.

Every proper lady must also always wear a cap.

And she should really clean up after herself.

Finally, I am all dressed and ready for a day of riding horses, hopefully. More likely I will have to sit and sew and practice my penmanship and be a “lady”.


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