The History behind the Edwardian Undergarments Pattern

Corset – For little girls this wasn’t the restricting garment of their mothers. Instead it was a corded (not boned) garment designed merely to encourage a girl to sit and stand with good posture and train them to be ladies.  It laces in the back for a perfect fit (not too tight but not too loose) but buttons in the front so that the young lady can dress herself. Most corsets that I have seen also have buttons or tabs for attaching to the drawers or to petticoats or garters; this doll version does not have them, mostly because a little doll won’t be moving about near as much as a little girl does.

Chemise – The chemise was a simple garment worn next to the skin and under the corset. This way sweat and dirt wouldn’t affect the corset and instead would only soil the chemise, which was easily laundered. Being that the Edwardians loved as much lace and frill as possible, this “simple” garment was frequently quite decked out. My version only has a bit of lace on the hem because I intended it to have Samantha’s Lacey Whites worn over it as a corset cover and petticoat. If you wish, it would be a simple alteration to add some lace around the neck and sleeves.

Samantha’s Lacey Whites made from the pattern here.

Drawers – By the Edwardian era drawers had gotten short so that they didn’t show underneath dresses, but they still featured a bit of frill. Because of all the layers of clothing still worn, especially the corset, drawers were generally still split crotch. This made it much easier to use the lavatory, especially if one’s drawers were buttoned to one’s corset. This dolly version is not buttoned to anything but I still figured it would be easier for the dolls if they didn’t have to fiddle with buttons whenever they needed to use the facilities. 😉

Here are the links to some more examples:

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