The Bears

These Bears live in a little house, which is filled with books, antiques, and all the little things scholarly bears enjoy collecting. Officially it was Ted’s house and the others kind of just moved in with him, but by now most just see it as the bear house.

Fuzzy Wuzzy – A small little bear; all he wants in the world is to be tall and handsome. Instead he is little and fuzzy. He lives with Ted, but he does not care for books or studying. He does love musicals and the theater and wouldn’t mind starring in one someday. Eventually he ends up in the land of the Little People and he (sort of) saves them all from the dragons, after which the Korean Princess Bear falls in love with him and finds him the handsomest, bravest man ever.

Kuro – Most of the time he lives with the Little People, but, being a cousin of Fuzzy Wuzzy, he sometimes lives with the bears. Unlike his cousin, he actually enjoys reading – as long as the story is high adventure with lots of fighting. He loves to imagine himself as a brave adventurer but ends up merely getting others to do all the work.

Ted – Hailing from South Korea, Ted loves reading difficult books, learning languages, studying natural science, and world travel. In fact, he really is the epitome of the perfect Victorian gentleman. He is a bachelor and really appreciates the quiet life of living alone (or rather, he did enjoy the quiet life of living alone until several other bears moved in with him). For work, he tutors anyone in any of the languages he is fluent in. He owns a massive library and loves tending his little garden.

The Korean Princess Bear – Miss Princess is very quiet and shy. She used to live with the Little People and helped rule over them as one of their Princesses. But when Fuzzy Wuzzy came along, she fell in love with him and now lives with him. She prefers to stay inside or stroll in their little garden and avoids the town. Sometimes she goes out and visits the Little People, though usually Fuzzy Wuzzy is with her.

Beatrice – She is a world traveler and is almost always gone traveling. Every once in a while she travels with Ted, and they originally met while touring China. When she is in town, she spends her time editing and publishing her travel journals, and visiting with the people of the town. As soon as she publishes her latest memoirs, she is off again visiting some new and delightful land.

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