The Hunt for the Unicorn

Katarina loved horses. She loved them so much that all her hobbies related to horses. She drew them, and studied them, and spent her time dreaming about them. However, she did not own a horse, and could not afford to buy one.

One day, Katarina and Lavina went for a walk in the forest, and as they were wandering about, they came upon the witches, Canditha and Faithira.

“Could you help me get a horse?” asked Katarina.

“I’m not so sure I have the power to do that,” replied Canditha, “But I know of someone who does: the great and powerful Unicorn of the forest, Steve. If you find  him, he will grant you three wishes.”

“Is he really hard to find?” questioned Lavina.

“That depends on what you are looking for,” replied Canditha mysteriously.

And so, the girls set off to search for the unicorn.

But… they weren’t alone. There was someone listening in on their conversation… it was none other than the greedy monster, Cylder.

Cylder wanted treasure and riches more than anything else, but he was not willing to work at all. The possibility of getting a bunch of wishes without doing anything seemed to him a great idea, so he secretly followed the girls in their quest to find the unicorn.

Poppy was lonely. Luna the fairy had become a great friend ever since they first met, but she was often busy with various fairy duties, and then Poppy was left all alone. She really wanted to be friends with the other girls in town, but she thought they found her silly, and Poppy didn’t think that any of them believed in fairies.

“Hi, Poppy!” exclaimed Luna, landing next to Poppy, “Sorry I’m late… is that why you are so sad?”

“A little,” explained Poppy. “But it’s also because I don’t have any other friends, and I’d like some. I want other kids that will play with me.”

“Hmm…” thought Luna, “I’m not sure how I can help you with that, but supposedly somewhere in this forest there is a great and powerful unicorn, and if you can find him, he will grant you three wishes. Maybe he can help.”

“Ok,” said Poppy, “will you help me find him?”

“Of course,” replied Luna. So they set off down the hill to search the whole forest for Steve, the powerful unicorn.


Near the edge of the forest, on the Larsons’ farm, Brianne and Squargles were watching the goats, when Lavina and Katarina, who were still searching for the unicorn, walked up.

“Hello, girls!” Shouted Brianne, as friendly as always.

“Hello, Brianne and Squargles!” they replied.

“What brings you all the way out here?” Brianne asked.

“We are looking for Steve, the magical unicorn, so that he can grant our wishes,” explained Katarina.

“Wow, I didn’t know unicorns actually existed, what are you going to wish for?” asked Brianne.

“A horse,” replied Katarina.

Of course, Cylder was still following them and trying to stay out of sight, but his fellow monster, Squargles, quickly spotted him.

“Cylder!” hollered Squargles, “what are you doing here? Have you accepted my offer of honest work?”

“No, answered Cylder sheepishly as he came out of hiding. “I’m also looking for the unicorn! Then I can get my wish to be the richest person in the world.”

Lavina and Katarina looked very surprised, but they were kind-hearted, so they offered to work together. That way, Cylder could share a wish, as they only needed one.

“That’s very kind of you girls,” Squargles decided. “Are you going to accept it, Cylder?”

“I suppose…” Cylder was still very half-hearted. He had wanted all three wishes for himself, but he realized that this was his only option if he wanted to still appear decent in front of Squargles.

“We could help you all,” offered Brianne. “These goats will be okay here for a while.”

And so, they all set off into the forest to continue searching together.

Meanwhile, Poppy and Luna were resting and watching the clouds float past.

Then Brianne, Katarina, Lavina, Squargles, and Cylder came upon them.

“Hello,” said Brianne, “what are you two doing here?”

“Wait, you can see Luna?” questioned Poppy.

“Of course we can. Why wouldn’t we be able to?” asked Brianne.

“Only people who believe in fairies can see them,” explained Luna.

“Well, we’re all looking for a unicorn, so it’s not surprising for us to also believe in fairies,” replied Katarina.

“Oh, we are also looking for the unicorn,” Said Poppy.

“Cool! Between us, we have one more wish, so if you want to, you can join us, and we can look together,” offered Katarina.

Poppy and Luna happily accepted the offer and they all went off searching together, laughing and talking and becoming good friends as they explored the forest.

It took a while, but at last everyone reached a clearing, where they saw a figure shining brightly in the afternoon sun. Sitting on a rock in the middle of the clearing was the majestic and powerful unicorn, basking in all his magical glory.

At first, they were all too awed to speak.

“Are you the unicorn?” Katarina asked bravely.

“Yep!” came the answer. “My name is Steve the unicorn. What can I do for all of you today?”

“We are here for our wishes.” demanded Cylder.

“Oh, what are they?” queried Steve.

“Friends!” Poppy said.

“A horse!” Katarina pleaded.

“Riches!” Cylder exclaimed.

“Oh,” said Steve.


“Well Poppy, you look like you’ve become friends with all these people, even if you weren’t earlier. Are you all friends with her?” replied Steve.

“Of course!” exclaimed Brianne. “If you ever feel lonely, any of us will hang out with you. Then you could tell me more about fairies, and we can go explore the forest together.”
Poppy smiled from ear to ear.

“And Katarina,” Steve continued, “Brianne works with horses at the Larsons’ farm, I’m sure she will teach you how to ride and care for the horses and maybe let you have one of your own. Is that correct, Brianne?”

Brianne nodded enthusiastically, “Of course! I would love to teach you! Though… we would have to ask Mr. Larson if you can have one, but I’m sure if he saw that you could take care of them and loved them he would agree.”

“Wow! Really?” said Katarina excitedly. “I never would have thought to ask! You all work so hard, and I thought I was too young.”

“No one is ever too young to start learning, according to Mr. Larson,” explained Brianne.

“Now, Cylder,” Steve went on, “True riches are not found in gold or silver. Instead, they are found in good friends and in hard work. Don’t be just a monster hiding in a cave, all the while dreaming of an unrealistic fantasy. That will leave you disappointed in life.

“Instead, work hard and serve other people, like these here, and keep them as your friends. Then you will find the true riches of life.”

With a magical whoosh, Steve the unicorn disappeared, leaving everyone happy and content (and although Cylder was a little disappointed at the moment, he later realized the wisdom of what Steve had said).

All of them had gotten their wishes fulfilled, and they all returned to town in good spirits, enjoying the friendships they had built that day.

The End.

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