Christie-Ann Plays Outside

Christie-Ann and her friends – Sara, a little lamb, Noah, a curly haired boy, Cheechee, a large gorilla, and Pearl, a blonde-haired girl – were lying around outside one sunny afternoon.

“I’m bored,” decided Cheechee.

“We could find shapes in the clouds,” suggested Christie-Ann.

“No we can’t,” replied Pearl, “because there are no clouds in the sky.”

“Look!” shouted Noah, “little ants in the rocks!”

So they all turned over to watch the little bugs march past.

Once tiring of that, they all sat up. All of a sudden, Cheechee noticed the clothesline hanging across the yard.

Being a gorilla, he confidently climbed up the rope and balanced on top of it.

“Look at me!” He shouted to the others.

“Please be careful, Cheechee!” Pearl shouted back, worriedly.

“Yes, please don’t hurt yourself!” the others echoed.

All of a sudden, Cheechee crashed down next to them. Thankfully, he landed on a pile of leaves.

“Are you okay?” asked Pearl.

“I’m fine. I’m not hurt at all. What do you all want to do now?” Cheechee asked.

“Let’s go see if anything is growing in the garden!” Pearl decided.

So they all walked over to where the garden stood.

And they all climbed up into the raised bed.

Nothing was growing; the heat of summer had killed everything.

“Aww,” sighed Noah, “I really wanted a snack.”

“Me too,” replied Christie-Ann, “I guess we just have to go inside to get one.”

So they all walked back into the house…

…and shared a yummy snack.

The End

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