Elsie and Caroline Abbott

Captain Abbott was a Captain of a merchant vessel in the early 1800’s. However, when the war of 1812 broke out in America, he took his daughters, Elsie and Caroline, and his crew and set off for safer harbors. On the journey, they accidentally ended up landing on The Island, and decided to settle there. Because of his sailing knowledge, Captain Abbott volunteered to sail between The Island and our world to collect people who might want to live on The Island and bring back goods that might not be easily made by the residents of The Island. Thus, he and his crew are frequently off sailing, while his daughters stay settled on The Island.

(These are entirely original characters created by me)

Caroline Abbott – Even though she is small and slight, she is a full two years older than her younger sister, Elsie, which means she is 12 years old. Caroline is a very proper young lady and much prefers to sit inside reading or sewing rather than running around.

Having traveled a little bit with her father, she has a fascination with languages and studies seriously with Ted, the bear. Due to studying with Ted, she has spent much time around him and Beatrice and has been influenced by them to also study philosophy, art, and the other humanities.

Her mother died shortly after Elsie was born, so she has had to figure out proper lady like behavior on her own and has had to try to teach Elsie. All this has worried her, but thankfully the ladies and mothers of The Island are more than willing to take her under their “wings” and look after her and her sister.

Elsie Abbott – Elsie loves the sea and sailing and ships, and would do anything to someday be a captain of one, just like her father. Sadly, she lives in a time where she is expected to be a lady and not pursue dangerous careers. She hates studying and sewing and being indoors. Instead, she enjoys climbing trees, building forts, helping on the ship when she can, helping at the Larsons’ farm, and running about playing games with anyone who will play with her. She loves joking around and is rarely ever serious.

Even though they are opposites and almost never see eye to eye, the Abbott sisters love each other and would do anything to take care of each other.

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