The Bed

I have always wanted to learn woodworking, primarily so that I could make doll furniture. I finally finished my first project, a doll bed. The plans are from Ana White found here. The bed was pretty easy, though I ended up gluing it together instead of using screws and I liked the color of the cherry wood I used so much that I decided to use shellac to finish it instead of paint. The finished bed is very sturdy and very big, two dolls could sleep in it easily.

I sewed the bedding, with no pattern, I just measured the bed to figure the size correctly.

Evangeline modeled it for me, to show everyone how big and cozy it is.

She likes it so much I don’t think she was keen on sharing it with anyone. But then Lucy, Jack’s dog, jumped up to join her.

And then they jumped around on the bed together.

“That’s not safe Evangeline!” Shouted Jack, as he came to find out what all the ruckus was about.

So, Evangeline and Lucy stopped jumping around and they all sat down on the comfy bed to chat.

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