The Gehotti Sisters

These sisters live in a little house on the edge of town and work hard trying to homestead. More often than not, they don’t really succeed, but everyone in town loves them and is more than willing to help them out. Their specialty is raising chickens and making quilts.

Bridgette is the oldest and the peacemaker to them all. All she wants is a simple life with her sisters and so she does not care about the latest fashions or being popular. Her life revolves around her sisters and their farm.

Lilliane is the next, and is the most practical and the hardest worker. The only reason she and her sisters have been able to make a living is because of her. Nothing scares her and she will learn how to do anything no matter how hard, like chopping wood and churning butter, as long as they can survive.

Gabrielle does not like hard work or getting dirty, instead she would much rather live in town and wear fashionable clothing. Because of this her sisters have allowed her to take over most of the inside chores like sweeping and dusting the cabin and sewing the quilts and all their clothing.

Angelique is incredibly thoughtful and sweet. She loves everybody and will make anyone feel right at home. She also happens to be the best in the kitchen and makes the most delicious food. People from town love to visit the sisters just for a chance to eat her amazing food.

Isabel is the youngest, and the one who started the chicken business. She loves playing around and having fun, but she also loves animals, especially chickens. So she raises them and sells their eggs. At some point, she plans to convince her sisters to raise a goat or two for the milk and then they can sell goat’s milk as well. She is also the most business minded of her sisters and continues to have brilliant ideas to make their living.


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