Cornelia gets dressed

Cornelia Parkington is a proper Edwardian lady, so she dresses in clothing that was fashionable in the early 1900’s. Dressing like this requires quite a bit of undergarments, and today Cornelia will show how to wear them all.

She starts off with a simple chemise. The Edwardians loved lace and frills and they decorated every inch of their clothing with them. So, this chemise has a lot of lace added to it.

Next, she add her drawers, which again are very frilly. These extra ruffles will also help hold out her petticoat.

Because Cornelia is not “well endowed”, she adds a bust improver to achieve the proper silhouette. It is pinned in place to her chemise.

Her corset is next, and it has already been laced to her size, so all she has to do is fasten the hooks down the front.

The silhouette at the time was big bust and big hips with a small waist.

Again, many frills have been added to her corset just for fun.

Because the corset is so decorated, Cornelia adds a corset cover so that the corset cannot be seen under the dress. It buttons up the front and the ribbon at the neck is tied so that it lays flat.

A cord at the waist is also tied to make it easier to put the petticoat on.

The petticoat is also decorated with lots of lace and ruffles. The style at the time was to have a straight front and a small bustle in the back.

The gathers of the petticoat are enough to make a bustle in the back.

The final silhouette – the ‘S’ shape 

All that’s left is to add the dress and Cornelia is a properly dressed Edwardian lady.


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