Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from the Gao sisters!

This year their mom sewed them matching dresses from Lee and Pearl’s newest pattern. Of course, all the girl’s have distinct styles so she made them in different fabrics.

Joyce has a simple, classy style so a soft aqua taffeta suited her perfectly.

Betty’s dress was made from cream stretch velvet, and somehow it makes her look like a fairy princess.

Suze always wants her clothing to be colorful, so she got all the Christmas colors in her dress made from red and white taffeta.

Cathy like simple and un-fancy clothing, and when she saw this grey fabric in her mother’s stash, she choose it.

Esther loves pink, so this soft pink satin was perfect for her.

Emma never cares what she wears, so her mother used what little purple taffeta she had left to make her this dress.

(This pattern was very easy to follow, of course I took the hard route by using  slippery polyester fabrics, that couldn’t really be ironed.)

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