Edwardian Summer Dress Pattern

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I finally finished a dress pattern to go over those pretty undergarments, which you can purchase here. This style is relatively simple and can be adapted to fit your needs. For example an everyday dress can be made from simple calico cotton with no lace or a winter dress can be made from lightweight wool with velvet trim. It was designed based off of this dress from the book: Children’s Costume in America: 1607-1910


Because of all the sample dresses floating around the girls decided to have a party and then kindly modeled the dresses for me.


DSC_0089 (2)

First, they brought out the lemonade, ice cream, and cakes. But they quickly demolished the food and brought out their dolls to play.

DSC_0033 (2)

Then, Cornelia came by to see what they were up to and immediately offered to tell a story.

DSC_0098 (2)


So, they ended the party with lovely adventure stories about faraway places, told by the lovely Cornelia.


The models:


Samantha and Nellie Parkington.

DSC_0038 (2)

Emily Bennett (and Bridget Parkington above)


Esther Gao and Jenny Parkington

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