Regency Dress Pattern Review

20200630_183147Out of all the many patterns for regency era doll dresses, my favorite would be Thimbles and Acorns Bib Front Dress and Wrap Dress. Why? Well, the beautiful historical details. Comparing these patterns to extant dresses, they look exactly the same.

The pieced bodice, the front tie closures, and the sleeves, all look spot on.

I did make a few changes to the patterns for these dresses. One, I added tucks to the bottom of the dresses to shorten them to a length more suitable for little girls. And two, I added a little bit of extra fabric to the front skirts, because I prefer a little gathering in the front. Though I still kept the majority of the gathers in the back as was the style at the time.

For the grey 16″ dress I used the wrap dress pattern, the under dress option and shortened the sleeves.

The Blue 18″ dress is the bib front dress with the long sleeves from the wrap dress pattern.

And the pink dress is just the wrap front dress.

If you want some beautiful regency dress patterns I would check out Thimbles and Acorns. 🙂

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