Into the Snowy Woods

Overnight, a quiet downfall of snow had left the lake sparkling and the ground blanketed.

Caroline and Elsie usually took a morning walk, but because of the fresh snow, both girls were filled with extra excitement.

“Don’t you just love the way everything looks fresh and new?” remarked Caroline.

“Oh, yes,” replied Elsie. “I love how happy the woods look as a new season begins!”

“I just love all the fun things that winter brings!” continued Elsie.

“Yes, it is exciting, I’m just glad this is the first snow – light, and not too cold. I’m not looking forward to bundling up and wearing boots every time I have to go out.” explained Caroline.

And they continued on chatting about the weather and the winter.

“Let’s rest here for a little while,” suggested Caroline.

“I think we have gone a bit farther than usual today,” noticed Elsie.

“No, I don’t think so,” said Caroline. “It’s just more work to walk through the snow, especially since we are trying to keep our socks dry.”

“Hello there!” Kirsten called out as she came upon the girls.

“Hello, Kirsten,” greeted Caroline. “How are you on this fine day?”

“I’m well – just enjoying the fresh snow and admiring how different the world looks now. Do you want to join me?” Kirsten replied.

“Sure!” exclaimed Elsie. “We were just taking a little break from our own walk.”

“I really love the snow, especially since I know how good it is for the earth and all the growing things,” Kirsten remarked.

“But isn’t it difficult for all the animals?” asked Caroline.

“Of course,” said Kirsten. ” But without the snow providing water for the ground, few plants would grow in spring.”

“That sure would make things difficult and the spring much less pretty,” Elsie observed.

“And without the snow, I bet this tree here would not be as tall and beautiful!” exclaimed Kirsten.

“Let’s climb it!” Elsie suggested.

“Okay!” Kirsten agreed.

“I will stay here,” Caroline stated.

So, leaving their shawls with Caroline, the two girls worked their way up the tree.

“The view from up here is gorgeous!” Kirsten shouted to Caroline.

“Be careful! Don’t fall!” Caroline shouted back.

“It wasn’t that bad – not as high as some things I’ve climbed,” Kirsten reassured her once they were back on the ground.

“Let’s keep walking,” suggested Elsie.

So, off they went laughing and chatting into the snowy woods.

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