Where Has the Time Gone

I’m sitting here on a cold rainy afternoon cozy at my desk, reflecting on the past year, something I generally do at this time of year, and I realize that the year has whizzed past. A big part of that, I suppose, would be that I had a little baby in the spring. He has been a wonderful blessing, but has occupied all my time so that my dollies have been quite neglected. Of course, I have found little bits of time here and there to do some projects.

The first few months of spring were spent cuddling and reading and sleeping. And then I decided to make some little toys for my little one.

A little handkite, two little crochet rattles, and some wooden beads on a leather cord.
An Amish puzzle ball, a knit ball, and a wool felt ball.

Then that turned into waldorf doll making, first a few mini dolls,

then a little doll for him,

then I finally created Poppy’s little brother, Paul. Who has already been well loved by my little Pumpkin.

Once Winter came I pulled out all my doll’s warm clothes, and since some of the dolls didn’t have cold weather clothes, I had to sew some.

I’ll show you some pictures of those in my next post.

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