Edwardian Undergarments Sewing Pattern

(For more detail on the pattern see here, here, and here.)

As I explained in an earlier post here, All my Parkington girls needed proper Edwardian underwear, so I set about making them. This led to me developing a sewing pattern so that others can make proper undergarments for their dolls. This pattern includes instructions to make a chemise, drawers, and a corset-waist. You can purchase the different sizes here: 14″, 16″, 18″

The pattern is rated at intermediate, but most of the individual steps are easy, so if you follow the directions carefully it shouldn’t be too hard. Of course if you run into any problems please don’t hesitate to contact me at TheresaEStruebel@gmail.com  and I will be willing to help you out.

Coming in 3 sizes; 14″, 16″, and 18″; this pattern should provide whatever size you need, fitting Heart for Hearts dolls, Wellie Wishers dolls, Ginger Brook Hollow Dolls, A Girl for all Time dolls, and American Girl Dolls.

If your doll is similarly sized to one of these dolls it might fit, though you may need to tweak the pattern a little, i.e. moving the closures. Here is a table with the measurements of my dolls so you can compare.

Wellie Wishers doll Hearts for Hearts doll
Bust 7” 6 ¾”
Waist 6 ½” 6”
Hip 8” 7 ¼”
Back neck to Waist 3 ½” 2 ¾”
Shoulder to Wrist 4 ¼” 4”
Arm 3” 2 ½”
Wrist 2 ½” 1 ¾”
Shoulder to Floor 11 ½” 11”
Neck 4” 4”
Inseam 5 ¾” 6”
Waist to Floor 7 ¾” 7 ¾”
Head circumference 10 ½” 10”
A Girl for all Time doll Ginger Brook Hollow doll
Bust 8” 7 ½”
Waist 7 ½” 6 ¾”
Hip 9” 8 ½”
Back neck to Waist 3 ½” 4”
Shoulder to Wrist 6” 5 ½”
Arm 3 ½” 3”
Wrist 2 ¾” 2 ½”
Shoulder to Floor 13” 13”
Neck 4 ¾” 4”
Inseam 7” 6 ½”
Waist to Floor 9” 9”
Head circumference 11 ¼” 10”
American Girl Doll
Bust 12”
Waist 11 ½”
Hip 12 ½”
Back neck to Waist 4 ½”
Shoulder to Wrist 5 ¾”
Arm 4 ¼”
Wrist 3 ¾”
Shoulder to Floor 14 ¾”
Neck 6”
Inseam 7”
Waist to Floor 10”
Head circumference 12 ½”

Fuzzy Wuzzy and the Dragons

One dull afternoon, Ted, Todd, and Fuzzy Wuzzy were sitting around reading books. At least, Ted and Todd – being intellectual – were reading; Fuzzy Wuzzy was not. He prefers to daydream about being tall and handsome and daring.

“Why do no exciting things happen around here?” Fuzzy Wuzzy complained to no one in particular. “I don’t even have the chance to be brave and daring.”

Ted, being the oldest and wisest of the bears, responded, “If one really wants adventure, one’s best bet is to go looking for it rather than sitting on my couch complaining about the lack of it.” He then immediately resumed reading his rather weighty book on philosophy.

“Well, that is a shame, because I don’t really like the outdoors much, or the dirt or mountains, or any of the stuff that goes along with adventures. I think I would prefer to just lay in here and imagine adventures,” replied Fuzzy Wuzzy.

Just then, in burst their little friend Kuro, who immediately started jabbering about something exciting going on in the little people world.

“Slow down, slow down,” pleaded Fuzzy Wuzzy. “What’s going on?”

“It’s dragons! They’ve attacked the Little People and captured some of the princesses! Please help! We need some Big People to help fight the dragons!” explained Kuro.

“Oh” Considered Fuzzy Wuzzy, “I wouldn’t mind saving a princess. I’ll go with you.”

Of course he wasn’t considering the fact that he would need to go outside and actually fight the dragons first.

So, Fuzzy Wuzzy and Kuro made their way to the Little People Village and they all started talking about the plan to defeat the dragons.

“Fuzzy Wuzzy here is a strong, brave fighter, unlike me, and can definitely defeat the dragons,” Kuro announced.

“Good,” the Little People said. “We have a few brave warriors, but none of them are big enough or strong enough to wield the great sword, Andúril. Fuzzy Wuzzy obviously can wield it.”

So the two Bitty Bears carried the sword in and presented it to a dubious Fuzzy Wuzzy.

Then, all the brave warriors set off to fight the dragons. The others cheered them on and waved goodbye.

Soon the brave Little People reached the cliff bordering the Dragon’s land.

“If you don’t give us our princesses back, we will fight you!” shouted the Little People.

The ferocious dragons simply looked down their noses at the little fighters and explained that they would not return the ladies until the Little People gave them their land back.

Fuzzy Wuzzy didn’t say a word throughout the negotiations; he was stricken silent by fear of the great beasts.

“You don’t even use that land!” exclaimed the warriors. “If you don’t use it, someone else should be able to, so we will fight you!”

And without another word they charged down the canyon toward the cliff.

Fuzzy Wuzzy was too scared to move, so he sat and watched the proceedings, feeling sicker and sicker….

It was quite a struggle to scale the great cliffs, but slowly and steadily, the little people worked their way up the cliff towards the patiently waiting dragons.

After being sick, Fuzzy Wuzzy finally broke out of his paralysis and made a decision.

“This is way beyond me. I am not built for this kind of life! I’m outta here.”

And with that, he turned on his heel and started walking back the way he came.

Meanwhile, the brave fighters began the battle, using numbers and their unusual abilities to try to defeat the dragons.

As much as the Little People wanted their vengeance, the dragons wanted peace. They are very strong, powerful creatures. They could even take out entire cities if they were so inclined. These dragons were not vindictive and preferred the quiet life to fighting, so they did not use fire, and tried their best to not actually injure the Little People.

The Little People took advantage of the situation, and even though a few were knocked down, the rest of them used all manner of techniques to try to take the dragons down. Some would distract the ferocious beasts while others snuck around to fight them from behind.

“Please! we really don’t want to fight. We would rather talk and work something out…” explained Great Red.

“Talking is for lame people! We are great warriors! We fight out our problems!” exclaimed the Little People.

Thus, the furious fighting continued.

As soon as Fuzzy Wuzzy started to walk back to the village, he got lost.

Really, really lost.

So lost that sitting around didn’t help him get un-lost.

Neither did trying to walk back the way he came. That just got him more lost.

So Fuzzy Wuzzy stopped to rest on a rock in the sun. While sitting, he remembered some wise words he’d heard once about adventuring: “When lost in the wilderness, first find water, and then climb to the highest point.”

Up ahead, he saw a gorge with running water, so he crossed it and made his way uphill.

Then, he climbed up a huge fallen tree to the top of the mountain.

At the top, he heard some feminine voices singing. Following the voices, he stumbled upon a cave, and in the cave, were the lost princesses!

“Hello!” shouted Fuzzy Wuzzy. “Are you the lost princesses?”

“Of course we are,” replied Princess Peach. “Are you here to save us?”

“Yep,” said Fuzzy Wuzzy, holding out his sword to help the princesses climb down.

“You know the way back, right?” they asked.

“Of course,” lied Fuzzy Wuzzy. “Otherwise how would I have gotten here?”

So he started to lead them down the mountain, but of course, got them lost.

Once he was certain they were lost, he confessed to the princesses, who, knowing the land very well, soon found the cliff where the fight was taking place.

“What in the world do you think you all are doing?” shouted Princess Peach. Immediately, the fighting stopped.

“We were trying to save you!” the little warriors shouted.

“We were hoping you could all reach a peaceable agreement. That was why we let ourselves be kidnapped in the first place,” explained Princess Peach. “We don’t really need that land, so why can’t it be the dragons’ land? We can make do with what we have. In fact, we have no right to go about taking what isn’t ours.”

Everyone was silent for a while, thinking it through.

“Technically, we don’t need all the land either,” replied the dragons. “Maybe we should split the land in half.”

Everyone agreed to that. Fuzzy Wuzzy was proclaimed a very wise hero (even though most of what he did was by accident). And then, they all lived happily ever after. (….at least, till the next adventure.)







Felicity Gets Dressed

Good Morning! My name is Felicity and I live in 1774 and I am going to get dressed this morning!

First, I open my drawer and get out my socks.

These stockings are very simple – perfect for running around, because they are easy to repair.

Then, I have to tie garters around my stockings to hold them up. Puddley stockings are not proper.

A perfect bow, first try!

Next, is my stay. This is my least favorite article of clothing – it’s so restricting – but I must wear it, according to my mother.

I need my mother’s help to tie it. At least it isn’t to tight; just right so that I keep my posture, but while wearing it, it’s still hard to ride horses.

Next I need my petticoat.

I like this one because it is bright blue, such a pretty color.

All tied up and pretty.

All my dresses are on the top shelf and according to my mother I should get help to get them down, but I can safely climb on the drawer and get them down.

See, no problem!

Today I’ve decided to wear just a jacket instead of a dress – that way, it’s less layers.

Also, I can lace it myself, since it laces up the front.

All done!

Well, not quite. I still need my shoes.

And, I need to tie my hair back. No point in brushing it when it’s just going to get windblown while riding horses, I think. Mother would probably tell me to brush it anyways.

Every proper lady must also always wear a cap.

And she should really clean up after herself.

Finally, I am all dressed and ready for a day of riding horses, hopefully. More likely I will have to sit and sew and practice my penmanship and be a “lady”.


The Parkingtons

Mr. Parkington accidentally received a letter from Mr. Larson about the Island and decided to move his family there. The Parkingtons were quickly able to establish themselves on the Island and are the richest family there. Mr. Parkington frequently acts as the town mayor and Cornelia runs the town Library. At the moment I am missing Mr. Parkington in doll form, although, I hope to have him soon.

Based off of the American Girl Character Samantha Parkington

Mrs. Cornelia Parkington – In her time she would have been considered quite the forward thinker, championing woman’s and children’s rights. Back in New York she was a leader for a woman’s right to vote, but here on the Island everyone has an equal say in matters of importance, so she has instead devoted herself to helping the children. Thus, she runs the town library, freeing children by giving them the power to learn whatever they want and helping them develop whatever skills they might need. While she can be quite serious minded, she also has quite a playful side and wouldn’t hesitate to sit on the floor and play crazy imaginative games with her children, read aloud adventure stories, and build forts, all while still being a lady in every sense of the word.

Samantha Parkington – Samantha is technically Gardener and Cornelia’s niece, however, her parents died when she was young and for a time was raised by her grandmother. When her grandmother remarried, she was sent to live with Gard and Cornelia, and when they adopted Nellie, Bridget, and Jenny, they adopted Samantha as well. Samantha thoroughly enjoys all her sisters and her new baby brother (Cornelia and Gardner’s first child) and love to play with them all and is quite the leader of them. In fact she is quite the leader wherever she goes, leading and planning projects rather than doing much of the work. (she just isn’t talented at anything else) Her best friends are her sister, Nellie, and Addy Walker. They both love to hear her big ideas and help carry them out, while also being the voices of reason since they are so practical. She is generally friendly, though, because of her leader personality she has made a few enemies (only short term). And her composure and bearing is that of a high born child, she lacks humility and disregards failure. To her there is no failing, just trying something a different way.


Nellie Parkington – Her parents were immigrants from Ireland and they had a hard time in America. For a time Nellie and her sisters were able to live in the country where they first met Samantha, but then hard times came again and they went back to the city to work in a factory. Sadly, her parents died in the city and the sisters were sent to an orphanage. Eventually Samantha found them and convinced her aunt and uncle to adopt them. Ever since then, Nellie, Bridget, and Jenny have had an easy life living in high-class society. However, because of her past, Nellie is much more practical than Samantha and tends to have a knack for just about any practical activity, like sewing, baking, building, cleaning, cooking, etc. Nellie also loves helping other people out and recently started welcoming people to the town when they arrive at the docks, and helping them get on their feet in a new and sometimes strange place.

Bridget Parkington – Bridget has a very sweet, angelic soul. She is friends with everyone and can always say kind things about anyone. She loves very girly things and really is not interested in running or climbing trees, preferring to hold her baby brother, William, or take him on walks around town. Of course she doesn’t like to be separated from her sisters and is often found playing or reading or sewing with them. In fact, all four of them can be quite inseparable.

Jenny Parkington – Jenny is much more lively than her two sisters, much more like Samantha in that way. In fact she looks up to Samantha and practically worships her. She loves climbing trees and playing with boys as much as she enjoys playing with dolls or listening to a good book. However, her favorite activity is visiting all the animals on the Larson farm, helping out with them and playing with Peder.

William Parkington – He is the first natural child of Cornelia and Gardener Parkington. Since he is still a baby, nobody quite knows his personality. He is a very loved and well looked after baby, what with four older sisters who all absolutely adore him.


Poppy and Luna

One bright summer day, after a long day of exploring the vast forest, Poppy lay down to rest near a little creek.

As she lay there, she began to make up stories in her head about dragons and fairies and other make-believe creatures.

All of a sudden a fairy appeared right before her eyes.

“Am I dreaming? Or are you real?” Poppy questioned.

“I am very real and my name is Luna,” Answered the Fairy as she landed on Poppy’s stomach.

“My name is Poppy,” Poppy replied.

“I was wondering if you were real, because you can see me. Most humans cannot,” explained Luna.

“Really?” asked Poppy, sitting up. “I’ve always believed fairies were real, but everyone’s always told me that the idea was silly.”

“That’s why most people can’t see us. One has to believe we exist to see us. On the other hand, the elves can control who sees them, but they also have much stronger magic than we do.”

“Wow!” exclaimed Poppy, “so elves exist too?”

“Yep,” Said Luna, “Come with me and you can meet the other fairies and maybe the elves too. And then we can tell you all about the magic of The Island.”

“Ok,” Poppy decided.

And together they went off to see the most sacred parts of the forest.


WIP – Early 1900’s undergarments

Samantha was my first American Girl doll that I received back as a young girl. Sewing clothing for her was how I learned to sew and perfected my sewing skills. Originally, I mostly sewed modern clothes for her because I didn’t really have access to sewing patterns for 1904. But, as I got older I really wanted her to stay in her proper time and so I started sewing proper dresses for her. Of course the only pattern I really had was the original Pleasant Company pattern (you can find it here)  Which meant I did a lot of frakenpatterning and later pattern drafting to make clothing for her. Most of that time she did not have the correct undergarments, but with the help of the book Sewing for 20th Century Dolls by Johana Gast-Anderton and members on the AGPT forum, I was finally able to figure out what kind of undergarments would have been appropriate for Samantha. 

Soon I began drafting a pattern and sewed her up some proper lingerie. Recently I acquired dolls to be her adopted sisters, Nellie, Bridget, and Jenny and so they need the proper underwear too. While I draft patterns for them I will be putting together instructions and make a PDF pattern so that others can make early 1900 undergarments for their dolls.


The Larsons

The Larson family was the first human family to settle on The Island. So far in doll form I only have the children, someday I’ll collect the parents too. 🙂

Lars, Kirsten, and Peder Larson

Based off of the American Girl Doll character Kirsten Larson.

They first discovered The Island by accident when going back to Sweden to visit relatives. Shipwrecked on the voyage, they found a beautiful little island and decided to live there, then they sent a letter to their family explaining what had happened to them. However, due to the magical nature of The Island the letter never reached their family and instead was sent to Gardner Parkington.

They live on a farm on the other side of the river where they provide most of the food for the town.

Lars Larson – The oldest in the Larson family, Lars is a hard worker. He enjoys farm life and enjoys looking after his younger sister and brother. He enjoys reading, especially stories of far off places or books about machinery. He is very handy at fixing things and inventing. As far as Kirsten and Peder are concerned – he is a genius. He isn’t really, though he is rather smart and quick on his feet. He doesn’t care at all for the town drama and prefers wandering the island, exploring new places and mapping them.

(Lars is a Karito Kids, Zoe, doll rewigged)

Kirsten Larson – Kirsten is generally quiet and shy, she only has a few friends, but she is fiercely loyal to them. She enjoys the farm work and loves all the animals and enjoys looking after them. She looks up to her brother, Lars, and enjoys playing games with Peder. However, at the moment what she really wants more than anything is a little sister. Maybe someday she will get one.

(Kirsten is American Girl’s Kirsten Larson doll)

Peder Larson – The most outgoing of all his siblings, Peder has many friends in town and can often be found playing with them. He doesn’t mind farm life, but finds it lonely and would much rather work in town where he can talk to everyone. Because of this, his parents ended up putting him in charge of selling the food in town. He loves that job and is much happier with his work now.

(Peder is a rewigged American Girl’s Wellie Wishers doll, Camille)

Britta Larson – The youngest and still a baby, though she has turned out to be a quiet and sweet baby. All the kids in town love to come over to the Larsons’ to play on their farm, with the animals and Baby Britta.

Also on the farm –

Squargles – The monster who ruined Peder’s party. He worked out a deal with them to pay Peder back by working for the Larsons. Everyone liked the arrangement so much that Squargles continues to work for the Larsons on exchange for good home cooking and a roof over his head.

Brianne – She grew up on a farm in Manitoba, Canada. She loves dancing and raising animals (and farming in general). She is part of a student exchange program and lives with the Larsons even though she is modern. She loves helping out on the farm and attending dance classes in town. Brianne and Kirsten get along really well and have decided to adopt each other as sisters since neither have any other.

(Brianne is a Maplelea Brianne doll)




The Fairies

One of the groups of magical people on the Island are the fairies. They posses small magic, smaller than the Elves and Witches, and it somewhat befits their small stature. Generally they keep to themselves and mainly interact with the other beings only in emergencies or to tease and cause mischief. Since one can only see the fairies if one believes that the fairies exist, they tend to cause the most mischief for people who refuse to believe they exist. 

The first person on the Island to discover their existence was Poppy, who staunchly believes in anything magical or mystical even though others tease her for believing such things.

The little doll I found to be my fairy is a Kruseling.These little dolls are 9″ tall and extremely pose-able for such  a small doll. Toy Box Philosopher reviewed  them here, and I totally agree with her conclusions about these dolls. I have had such fun playing around with my Luna, posing her and taking pictures of her. I would have loved a little doll like her when I was young.   

I plan to eventually collect more of them to represent the fairies who live in my world, and soon I will tell the story of Poppy discovering Luna. 🙂

Squargles Sewing Pattern

I have finally finished the sewing pattern for Squargles, so now you can make your own. 😀 You can find the pattern here on Etsy or here on Craftsy.

This is a digital PDF sewing pattern and it will be emailed to you immediately after you purchase it. The sewing pattern includes step by step pictures to make following the instructions simple.

Also, Squargles is made of all simple rectangle shapes, and is a good first plushie project. If you know how to sew a straight line with your sewing machine, baste, and do some simple hand sewing, you can make Squargles!

The finished dimensions are 11” by 8” by 2” not including legs (15” by 16” by 2” with legs)

The supplies needed to complete this project are:
• 1/2 yard lightweight woven fabric
(I used 100% cotton flannel; but other woven fabrics like quilting cotton, corduroy, or lightweight denim, will work well)
• Black felt 6” x 9”
• White felt 4” x 7”
• Matching Thread
• Stuffing
• Basic sewing tools     I hope if you decide to make Squargles that you enjoy him as much as I do! If you have any questions or problems while making him, please feel free to contact me and I will help you out as best as I can. 🙂






Squargles and the Ice Cream

It was a bright summer day, and many of the children from town had come up to the farm for Peder’s birthday. He was very excited; this would be his first party that he was hosting all by himself (mostly). Of course, his mother and older sister had done most of the cooking and baking for the picnic lunch. He had tried to help here and there, but he was too excited to do much. However, he had made the ice cream. All his excess energy had been a great help to turn the crank, and sweet creamy ice cream was the result. All the children frolicked into the forest carrying the baskets filled with delicious food. Finding a beautiful clearing, they all sat down and began to devour the feast. They all filled themselves to the brim, before touching the cake or lovely ice cream. It was decided by consensus that they should all play a few games to make room for the rare treat. So, off they all ran into the forest to play, leaving the ice cream unguarded…This was a mistake. You see, monsters lived around this forest, and any of them would not hesitate to devour unguarded food. And as it was, one monster in particular had been observing this party. His name was Squargles. He loved sweet foods, especially ice cream. And there, sitting in front of him, totally unguarded, was a whole barrel of the creamy confection. It was only because of his greediness that he was even caught, because after he finished the ice cream, Squargles decided to eat every last crumb of the beautiful birthday picnic. Thus, he was still there when the children returned, and being so stuffed, Squargles was unable to run away. An instant later, Faithira, the witch, put a restraining spell on him, while all the other children scavenged the destruction for any remains. It was a very despondent group that discovered the lack of ice cream and cake. Peder was very angry and he explained to Squargles why. Squargles was somewhat remorseful – all he wanted was some ice cream; he didn’t mean to ruin the party. Well, why didn’t you just ask for some ice cream?” Peder queried. “We would have shared some with you. But it isn’t right to just take something that isn’t yours.”I didn’t know I could ask. Can I ask now?” the monster replied.

“No, now you need to pay us back for ruining my party,” Peder responded. It was discovered that Squargles had nothing and the only way he could pay Peder back was to work. So they worked out a deal were Squargles could work on the Larsons’ farm to pay off what he took, and they all liked the arrangement so much that Squargles continued to work for the Larsons in exchange for three square meals a day and a dry place to sleep (the barn), and ice cream on special occasions, though not the whole barrel. 🙂